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Guide to Writing Requirements (Soft Copy)
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V3.1 updated 2022
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This Guide to Writing Requirements is specifically about how to express textual requirements in the context of systems engineering.   The focus of this guide is on how to express requirements clearly and precisely once they have been discovered, and in a form convenient for further analysis and implementation, independent of whichever process or Systems Engineering tool is used to capture and manage the requirements.  This guide defines key terms associated with requirements and characteristics that must be possessed by well-formed requirement statements and sets of requirements.  The guide includes a set of rules for writing requirement statements that, if followed, will result in the requirements having these characteristics.  This update was produced to ensure alignment with the Needs and Requirements Manual and the Guide to Needs and Requirements.

Document No.: INCOSE-TP-2010-006-04

Version/Revision: 3.1

Date: May 2022