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Digital Engineering Measurement Framework (Soft Copy)
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Stakeholders and subject matter experts from across industry, government, and academia have come together here to work collaboratively on this consensus measurement framework to 1) help enterprises transition from traditional document and artifact-based development to a digital model-based future, and 2) to better assess the measurable impacts and benefits they aspire to achieve.

This initial DE measurement framework proposed by our team of representative stakeholder experts is intended to help projects and enterprises establish an initial path toward a measurably effective transition and implementation of digital engineering processes, tools, methods and measures. This document represents the first of several steps along this path, which will be a long and challenging, but rewarding journey. Our industry will learn, iterate, and evolve as we go. It does not address, at this time, some of the broader aspects of DE transformation such as enterprise adoption, but will in a later version. We hope enterprises across a variety of application domains will find this initial measurement guidance useful to assess the effectiveness of their respective digital engineering transformation initiatives

Document No.: INCOSE-TP-2022-002-01

Version/Revision: 1.0

Date: May 2022