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Home improvements! Systems Engineering in a familiar setting (Hard Copy)
SE in a practical situation produced by the Dutch Chapter. / Non US purchases will be requested to pay an additional charge for shipping
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People who come into contact with Systems Engineering for the first time, experience a rather high degree of abstraction that makes the topic as a whole seem more complex than it is. As a result, the application of Systems Engineering is readily dismissed because its advantages are not obvious and consequently it is only considered to represent extra work.

By means of this booklet we will attempt to overcome some of this abstraction and to show that it is really very logical to apply Systems Engineering and that it is intended to prevent problems from arising and thereby actually saves time and prevents irritation. We describe Systems Engineering based on a worked example that can be readily understood by people with different backgrounds. The example concerns the renovation of a house. 

On behalf of INCOSE Netherlands, we wish to thank the Dutch Ministry of Public Works, and specifically Project A2 Leidsche Rijn, for their hospitality and for making their meeting room available to the SIG-SEI-team. Pizzeria Valentino also deserves our thanks for the many excellent pizza’s they delivered. Apparently, inspiration makes one hungry. We also wish to thank all the people who reviewed this booklet for their time and dedication.